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Monthly activity bundles to keep kids busy in the long stay-at-home days ahead



No need to Google fresh ideas or scroll through more Pins. Enjoy monthly curated crafts, conversation starters, and activities delivered right to your inbox, with a schedule you don't have to plan yourself.

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The most practical and creative subscription for my kids. 

—Elizabeth, Mom of 3

Created For Kids Ages 3-6

Quiet time for you + them

While they enjoy their daily activity, you gain time to finally enjoy your coffee or read that next chapter.

Each day is different + fun

Routine is important, but so is variety. Each activity provides a fresh opportunity for creativity, learning, and connection.

No need to plan ahead

Parenting during a pandemic is overwhelming enough. We give you a plan. Take what's helpful and leave the rest!

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What do I get each month?

A schedule with all activities included to take research and planning off your plate.

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  • 15 Easy, Screen-free Activities
  • 20 Stress-Free Crafts
  • 30 Talking Topics
  • A Made-For-You Plan
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Get access and enjoy all the fun. Have extra kids around your table? Print as many as you would like! Experience unlimited access to your Wonderfilled Library so you'll never miss an activity, even if you're traveling, busy, or under the weather. (And you don't have to leave your house!) 

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